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Quantified Citizen is an app that lets you join cool research studies and contribute to global health and science. 

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Featured Studies

Join studies based on your interests, receive rich health insights and contribute to science.

World's largest mobile microdosing study
Microdose.me Study
A global survey of beliefs towards psychedelics
Attitudes Towards Psychedelics

Explore What You're Curious About

Join studies on techniques like microdosing, conditions like sobriety, emerging trends like psychedelic therapy and more. Watch out for exciting, new studies to be added on the roster soon!

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Learn More About Yourself

In exchange for sharing your thoughts, you receive personalized, actionable insights into your own health.

Find out how substances you use affect your personality, how your regimens affect your mood, creativity and a lot more.

Make An Impact

You will be contributing to the world's pool of health and science information that will inform the creation of future scientific studies and therapies for all.

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How It Works

1. Download the App
Join as an anonymous participant – we won’t ask for your name or email.
2. Play Game-Like Tests
Answer questions, watch videos, and more.
3. Get Health Insights
By submitting your data and contributing to science.
We're Serious About Privacy
We're committed to data privacy, encryption, anonymity and transparent policies. No sign up, no email, no Facebook connection required.
Scientific Discovery for All
Our platform is built for anyone to use. We believe that everyone can contribute to world-changing scientific discoveries with the right tools and questions.

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