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Our platform is designed to accelerate the pace and quality of health research.

Empowering your team.

Using a range of mobile-access tools, we empower researchers to decentrally build, distribute and administer studies. By automating and simplifying clinical research, we enable researchers to spend more time thinking, analyzing, and problem solving, and less time doing administrative work.

All the tools you need

Create Research Protocols
Build research protocols from scratch on our web-based study builder.
Employ cognitive and neurological assessments
Find standardized cognitive and neurological assessments in our robust library and integrate them seamlessly into your study.
Collect health data from wearables and mobile devices
Allow Apple Health or Google Fit integration. Gather these measures from participants to go beyond self-reported assessments.
Schedule baseline and outcome assessments
Use our scheduling features to ensure accuracy and robustness of data that you will acquire.
Deploy protocols to participants
Deploy protocols to participants through either our public app or private mobile app. Send push notifications and prompts to make sure they are completing their activities.

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Powering the Discovery of Revolutionary Health Solutions

Our mission is to create a healthier, happier world by providing health researchers with the tools they need to rapidly accelerate scientific research. Our product allows anyone — from clinical researchers to citizen scientists — to build and administer health studies, and distribute them to peers and participants. We believe that by quantifying health measures in everyday life we create the conditions for unprecedented insights and solutions to emerge. Built upon a foundation of user privacy and anonymity, we enable everyone to participate in science and contribute to global health.

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We partner with a large variety of researchers and health organizations, including biopharma, med-tech, big tech, academic institutions, professional societies, and government partners.