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Sobriety and Well-being

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Through a series of simple tests, daily check-ins, and optional wearable sleep data, we aim to find out how sobriety from alcohol affects sleep quality and dream recall.
Time Commitment
Time Commitment:
1 month
Study Type
Study Type:
Quantified Citizen
Quantified Citizen
Why We Are Doing This Study


Through a series of simple tests, daily check-ins, and optional wearable sleep data, we aim to find out how sobriety from alcohol affects sleep quality and dream recall.

Two months from the study completion date, participants will be able to see a summary of their data as well as the comparative data of the study cohort. This tailored summary report will be shared within the app.

This study is the first from a series dedicated to the investigation of how substances impact our lives. This means that the results of this study will generate hypotheses for future research around that topic. Your participation is a direct contribution to a growing body of innovative citizen-driven health research!


Sarah Paschall                

Sarah Paschall  




Maggie Kiraga                

Maggie Kiraga           




Sonia Brodie                

Sonia Brodie         




Eesmyal Santos-Brault                

Eesmyal Santos-Brault           



Inclusion criteria

  • the age of 18 or older
  • participants with full legal and mental capacity
  • access to a smartphone with internet (iOS or Android)

Exclusion criteria

  • lack of fluency in English
  • illiteracy

We are committed to data privacy, including encryption, anonymity and transparent policies. Your personal information stays on your device. No sign up, no email, no Facebook connection required.

Read our Privacy Policy here.


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Mental Health & Substance Use

  • Wellness Together Canada: Call 1-866-585-0445

This is a free, confidential, 24/7 hotline providing free mental health and substance use support. Their platform offers various services ranging from basic wellness information, to one-on-one sessions with a counselor, to participating in a community of support. Whatever it is you’re looking for, visit https://wellnesstogether.ca

These are 24-hour, free, support lines (via text medium) for people experiencing all kinds of crises, including suicidal thoughts. 

The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals in the United States.

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline (USA): Call 800-662-HELP (4357)

This is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service (in English and Spanish) for individuals and families facing mental health and/or substance use challenges.

  • Fireside Project (USA): Call or text (3pm to 3am PST) 62-FIRESIDE > 623-473-7433

This is a peer support for those in the midst of psychedelic experiences, those sitting for others, and those integrating past psychedelic experiences. You can also access support via an app: https://firesideproject.org/app

  • Psychedelic Support Therapy

This an online directory of experienced providers, information about integration groups/circles, and online education in the psychedelic space, for more information, visit https://psychedelic.support

  • Organization of Psychedelic and Entheogenic Nurses

This organization represents nurses, at all levels of training, who work with patients utilizing therapeutic psychedelic medicines. They offer a list of clinical resources for those seeking integration and harm reduction, as well as psychedelic societies/communities, and professional organizations. If you want to learn more, visit https://openurses.org/clinical-resources.


Who is this study for?

→ Alcohol consumers and sobriety heroes. Everyone who is interested in how alcohol, or its absence, impacts their functioning.


What will I be asked to do?

→ In the morning hours you will be notified about the set of assessments available for that day. You will be asked to fill in a short demographic survey (once) and two standard questionnaires (every month). Questions related to alcohol consumption or sobriety will be asked daily, retrospectively about the previous day, in addition to some questions related to your sleep and general mood. These daily questions should take approximately 3 minutes to complete each morning. For details, see the Assessments section. 

→ Lastly, you will have the option to connect your mobile/wearable device data with the study.


Do I need to share my activity or wearables data to be able to participate in this study?

→ Not at all. Sharing your data on sleep or activity levels is completely optional. You might choose not to do so and still be able to enroll and receive feedback on your scores. Please see the Assessments section for the exact information on which data is mandatory versus optional.


How will I benefit? 

2 months after study completion, you will be presented with a summary of your data: visual representation of how your scores relate to the additional reports (e.g., sleep, well-being, wearable data) and how you compare to other participants who also took part in this study. 


How will my privacy be protected?

→ All information obtained during the study will be entirely anonymous. You will never be asked to provide your real name, address, or date of birth. The Quantified Citizen app will not have access to any of your personal identifying information. You will get a unique, randomly generated username and your identity will remain anonymous. Please write down this username and keep it in a secure location. If for any reason you no longer have access to your QC account, and you do not remember your username, QC will not be able to regenerate your account. 


Who will have access to my data?

→ All of the data you enter into the Quantified Citizen app will be encrypted and stored on servers located in Canada. Only authorized QC staff can access server logs based on their role and a need-to-know basis in order to fulfill their duties. Anonymous data will be made accessible to all researchers involved with this study. The data may be accessible to other researchers in the future. 


Can I withdraw from the study? 

→ Your participation in this study is strictly voluntary. You may decline to enter or withdraw from the study at any time without any consequences or explanation. Should you choose to leave the study, you will be given the option to complete a final assessment and then be logged out of your account. No new data will be collected. Data that has already been collected will still be used in the study and cannot be deleted because it will already be anonymized and encrypted.